MIDNIGHT BRONZE Titanium FL Mag Tube + Spring + US made follower

  • Item #: BM4-TiFLMT+S-“MB”
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Price $240.00

MIDNIGHT BRONZE New for 2020 !!

Utilizing part samples from a customer's M4 we have sourced a color we feel closely complements the average Midnight Bronze Benelli paint theme. Properly applied, this Cerakote treatment will NOT chip, flake or peel (see guarantee).

With this package, you'll receive all the following items to upgrade your Benelli M4;

Full Length Titanium Magazine Tube, a matched US Made Follower, and Premium W.C. Wolff feed spring

Key Features

Mag tube is fashioned from certified 3AL-2.5V titanium alloy for strength and durability unsurpassed in the industry. Rated capacity up to seven rounds in the tube matching its military counterpart. Weighing in at just over half the weight of the replaced factory parts (52%). Stamped "US" and "TITANIUM" to denote 922(R) compliance, all with unparalleled fit, finish, and durability that never corrodes!

Premium Finshes

Including the finish covered above, we are also pleased to offer a full spectrum of finish options, including the skilled application of industry renowned Cerakote, representing the pinnacle of firearms coating technologies, far surpassing mere paint. This option enables you to match the 'Tactical Presentation' of any Benelli M4 variant mag tube being replaced, with the enhanced durability of ceramic based heat cured coatings. We could cut corners and only offer our mechanically applied "Permanent Finish Process" or "Bright Polish", but why forsake the purist who appreciates the incognito upgrade Cerakote treated Titanium affords? Independent field trials routinely demonstrate Cerakote's superiority to their chief competitors... Gun Kote and Duracote. While the process is more expensive, our component production has been streamlined in recent years thanks to continued customer loyalty, enabling "carriercomp" to absorb materials and coatings cost increases thus maintaining our enduring low price.

QC guaged threads for a fit and inter-operability with all OEM accessories that is GUARANTEED by the manufacturer. Available in FIVE different finishes, and Made with Pride in the USA.

Attention NY-NJ-MA-CT buyers:

"Buyers from NY-NJ-MA-CT ONLY"--PRIOR to ordering please read and understand the "Restricted States Orders" section of the "FAQ" menu